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Take the British escort challenge!

re also any of you old enough to not forget "The Coke Challenge"? Yes? Good, then we're talking your terminology! We have a new challenge for you then...

We're calling it the British escort challenge. Simply no, we're not expecting you to date in order to women with a blindfold on and perhaps ear attaches in. We wouldn't have time or the energy to organise something that stupid and we're certain girls wouldn't entertain such an idea. No, wish asking those who are new to the organization, or those of you who are in the habit of choosing not British girls, to simply book a British take and let us really know what you think.

Choose your compitent

All you have to do is move yourself out of your habitual booking pattern and go for something an individual usually go for. Therefore, for all you Eastern European fans away there. Stop booking those girls and try away a British escort. Discussing see what you think. There's not stopping you going back to what you know and love if you're not satisfied of course. We just feel that life is too short to not experience as much as you can, when you can actually. We're not getting any younger folks!

Letting us really know what you think is easy

With out going into any details (because frankly we may would like to know! ) you can send us a quick email or a communication through Twitter to share all of us if you had a great time or not and whether you would consider reserving British again. We are also mindful of other ways you can document your opinions on your take experience that are exterior to our website.

Self-employed reviews

The girls at Sugarbabes International are always very appreciative of impartial reviews, simply because if they get a suggestion, they get bookings from them. The independent review sites are already packed with people who really love booking escorts, so is actually the perfect place from which to get a referral. This really is one of the reasons we avoid truly set much trust in onsite reviews to be honest; not many people actually believe them and they are very easy to fake.

Persistent review for one of our British escorts can do wonders though, we won't lie. Websites like Punternet, Captain 69, Punterlink and TER etc. are all good places to travel and place a review if you feel that the British escort you booked truly deserves a particular mention. You can be as anonymous as you like of course, so there's no reason at all to consider that.

No, there are not any "bonuses"

We'll make this clear to start out with, just so we don't get any cheeky calls or email messages. Even though you leave reviews for our British escorts on another website, it does not entitle you to a discount or other things from us or your escort. If you choose to review a female, you choose what to write and where to write it. If it is a good review and that we get a visit from someone who reads it plus they book the girl in question, then we very much appreciate it. Although that's it we're scared!

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