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10 shocking sex stats revealed

  1. When it comes to playing with sex toys in the bedroom, most lovers (68%) actually don't use them. Whereas, slipping into some sexy lingerie seemed to be more common with 38% trying to shake things up that way.
  2. More than half of those surveyed had sexted, with 11% doing it a few times a week and 7% dirty talking daily. When it comes down to naked selfies, 49% said they'd sent nude shots but only 25% did it through Snapchat
  3. For the majority of couples (35%), sex tends to last between 15 and 30 minutes, but 23% said they can only go for between 5 and 15 minutes
  4. Condom users have fewer sexual partners than those who don't wrap up. According to the lads, the 61% who do wear rubbers reported having five partners or less compared to 48% of non-users
  5. Ever enjoyed a night of lust with a stranger? Well, apparently 61% of young people have. Unsurprisingly, more men (70%) admitted to having one-nighters than women (53%)
  6. Surprisingly, the majority of people (76%) took until the age of 18 to experience their first romp. Around 45% said they first had sex between the ages of 16 and 18, while 31% had lost it before the age of 15.
  7. Fetishes - What is the kinkiest thing to get people going? Bizarrely, it's foot fetishes that get most people turned on. It's more common for men, who enjoy smelling, licking or tasting feet.
  8. Around 70% of youngsters have sex once a week, but 36% get between the sheets several times a week.
  9. A quarter of married respondents has only had one sexual partner.
  10. The average length of the penis is between six and seven inches when fully aroused.
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